My current self-portrait – 2022

About Me

        I was born and raised in Youngstown, Ohio, where I remain to this day. I have always been an extremely imaginative person stemming all the way to my childhood. My interest in the arts began immediately. A lot of my early memories are of me doing something with art. My entire life it has felt like the majority of my time is spent running away from people to escape into my mind. I have found no better way of doing that than when I draw. I think that is probably what pushed me to do it so much when I was younger. It was an escape into my mind. 
        Throughout the years other interests sparked and I learned how to socialize. I lost my passion for art up until I met my High School art teacher, Josh MacMillan. He is the one who not only encouraged me to get back into art and take it serous but he also is the one who put the pen in my hand in the first place. After graduating I found it hard to find the time to draw and Mac would keep in touch and just say to do it when I did find the time. Eventually I got fed up lying to myself about never having the time and started drawing very regularly around my 26th birthday. From then on I have been drawing feverously to make up for lost time. I feel like I owe it to myself and the world to produce the best work that I possibly can.